Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wow now that is better!

OK so what the heck happened... this week the snow is melting.  Last week it's like winter this week it's like spring.  Hmmm hope the cold air stays away for a while longer! :)

Crazy busy!  Worked all weekend teaching.  Just received my course evaluation summaries.... gotta love it when there is glowing comments! :)   This week is silly I am a volunteer at the boys school tomorrow, was at the girly's preschool today!  Work on Thursday then pass out on Friday?  I am beyond exhausted these days and just the 'regular' stuff is killing me!  Maybe it's the lack of sleep at night... still!

It was my first volunteer day at the girlies' preschool program.  It was amazing to see how well she is doing in a group situation!  I am so proud of her, especially since she actually listens and does what she is told.  (I was actually a little shocked at the kids that do not listen AT ALL.  That would drive me a bit crazy I give the teachers credit! )

I should be working on my other project but I am so tired I can barely think... so here I am!  I think I will be going to bed with the kids again tonight.  You would think 12 hours would be enough time in bed... guess more than 3 hours of actual sleep at a time would be helpful!

Later Gator
One Crazy Momma!

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