Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where is my...???

Only a 4 year old could make her parents go looking for a teeny tiny sparkly pom pom so she could go to sleep...  My daughter loves pom poms, she has a pile of them that she has named.

Today ended much better than it started.  One of my twins started freaking when the bus arrived this morning.  He is having some kind of anxiety about going to school (and it's only the 2nd day back after break).  The bus driver tried to help me get him on the bus but there was just no way.  He was crying Mom Mom I want to stay home with you.  He was breaking my heart.  Not to mention that there was a bus load of kids watching him.  So I took him off the bus and said he still had to go to school, but I would drive him.  He came inside and calmed down a little while I got his sister ready to go.  She had preschool today so now I was really in a rush.

He was OK and I took him and go him settled, no issues.  Then as we were leaving he ran out with one of his shoes on and one off.  He grabbed me and starting crying again, Mom I don't want you to go.  It was really heart wrenching to see a 6 year old so stressed.  I tried to ask him what was wrong.  He said a few things that weren't really that bad then he said Mom I don't really know.  I had taken his stuffed Tow Truck and put it in his book bag for him so I hauled it out and he went off to class.  This is a child who is very smart and knows how to play Mom so sometimes it's hard to know if he's really upset or just trying to see what Mom will do.  Today I knew he was having issues though.  He has a really big heart and a very emotional side... it makes me worry about him.

He did come home in a good mood and back to his normal self, so I felt a lot better.  My stomach was doing flips until he got home.  Here's hoping tomorrow is easier on him...

Later Gator
One Crazy Momma!

p.s. can you believe it's 7:57 pm and I need to go to bed... sheesh so much for getting any work done tonight!

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