Sunday, January 8, 2012


Well I guess the weekend is pretty much over.  I worked the last 4 days so I feel like it should just be starting.  I was teaching a weekend course this past weekend.  I was was fun a small group, for a changed.  I was just sad as it was the last weekend off before the kids go back to school tomorrow.

As I only usually teach 2 or three courses a month I find it exhausting.  Talking for 14 hours of course time seems to really drain me.  I also get so dried out that it doesn't seem to matter how many liquids I drink I am still feel dried out.  Lately I have discovered that a warm tea in the morning at least helps me keep my voice!

For once I was actually happy the smart board died today!  I got to sit down for the rest of the class.  The room that I was in the board was on the other side, so if I wanted to actually type something in I would have to go back and forth.  Good exercise, better than sitting all day but I was a little tired today! (Late visitor last night!)

Now to wait for the course evaluations to see if they 'liked' me or not! :)  I always worry!

I had to have a wee bit of a nap when I got home, hubby had the kids outside for a while so it worked out good, although I felt guilty as I want to spend some more time with them today.  Instead we had a wonderful evening 'cleaning' up the Christmas tree and such.  They still love to be little helpers so they actually had fun putting away decorations! :)

Next up is the Fabric Softener recipe... Tomorrow's job possibly!  Off to bed I go!

Later Gator
One Crazy Momma!


Heather said...

Please post the fabric softener recipe soon! We ran out and I'm not ready to run out to the store to get some as I'm still recovering from my surgery. I did teach my 11yo daughter to do laundry yesterday since I couldn't move around enough to do it myself and she's old enough to learn. She did great!

soralis said...

Heather hope you recover quickly... surgery is never any fun!!!