Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Speaking of Crazy

Well the holidays are over and I have to wait until Monday to send the boys back to school.  I think they are going a bit stir crazy or missing school crazy or something?  They are driving me nuts!  What is it with two kids, one always has to get the other one going.  Mr. Mouth, the oldest but about 1/1000 of a second (ya they had to push the other one back in as it was kind of a tie, but I guess the doc could only deal with one at a time?  Sheesh I have to deal with two everyday what was her problem?  HA HA!), never stops talking/causing trouble/making odd car noises.  I think some duct tape is in order (not really but a mom has to dream right?)

I am supposed to be 'working' right now.  I am so far behind I may actually pass myself?  I just don't have it in me again today.  I am supposed to meet with a new client tomorrow that I already told I don't have time to help out right now, but they really want my assistance.  I think I need some motivation these days.

On the tech side it has been a rather productive season at my house.  I am finally setup the way I wanted.  I am doing all my work from my MAC which is setup to remote desktop to my PC.  I have two monitors, theory is I can do two things at once. HA HA I can't even manage one these days!  It has been good so far as I haven't crashed anything yet.  Give me a few days though I am sure it will happen!  Since I don't have an office in this house I am working out of a corner in my living room.  My second monitor is 'perched' on a tv tray, with three kids I am living dangerously!

Now to try to convince my hubby to work on some shelves in the basement, he is on his second week off, time to put him to work.  Lego building does not classify as work honey! :)

Later gator!
One Crazy Momma


Yo-yo Mama said...

I know you thought you could ditch me, but I figured it out! *waves madly*

soralis said...

Glad ya found me! :)