Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ya.. I got nothing!

I thought and I thought and still nothing... so here is the excitement of my day in lieu of anything interesting.

Morning: Boys up and off to school.  Daughter up and off to school.  Out the door into the truck, forgot something back into the house, back to the truck, back to the house, forgot indoor shoes, back into the truck. Then it was off to preschool, well sort of, got about 5 mins away and had to go back for the girls book bag.  Wow can you say forgetful this morning! To think we only missed one class due to illness, apparently that was enough to loose my brain!

So drop the girl off at preschool then it was off to Walmart to get a bit of shopping, which of course turned into way to much shopping.  It was mostly food so one can't complain to much!  I am sure it was stuff we really needed too!  (I went with a list with 4 items on it!)

After lunch it was a quick ride in to get some scrapbooking paper to work on the kids valentines.  I can't be normal and just buy some now could I?  Of course not!  I will try to post some pics when I am done!  My plan is pencil toppers for one of the boys, John Deere tractor valentines for another one of the boys and some little heart boxes for the girl... We will see what I actually get done!

So after all that it was home to put away the groceries and talk to some dude about an outdoor wood furnace (basically like a fireplace out side of your house for home heating).  Then the kiddos were home! Some supper, some work and here I am.  Next up... bed time!

Tomorrow it's reading day at the school, I get to go read with all the kiddos.  Should be fun!  For some reason I always dread it but I always really enjoy it when I get there!  (I am hoping to be bad and sneak out before Hot Lunch gets there.  I help out a lot but I am in need of a break!)

Anyway off to bed I go!
Later Gator
One Crazy Momma!

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