Monday, February 6, 2012

There is a light?

I am happy to report I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... I have been working on a project for way to long!  I think it may actually come to an end one of these days!  Bring on that light!

So one of my boys came home from school today.  Apparently he is joining the choir.  I think he heard something about them going to McDonalds!   Six years old and already he is motivated by food! HA HA!

Looking forward to spending time with the kiddos this week.  They get Thursday & Friday off this week.  Yipee!  (hmm, then they get the following Friday off, then the week after that they get the Monday off.  February is going to be a really short month as far as school is concerned!)

Later Gator
One Crazy Momma!

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Kristin said...

Love his reason for joining the choir...too funny.